Hosted by Lynn Bixenspan and Morgan Pielli, Relationshit features a mix of stories about all kinds of relationships and good old-fashioned new-fangled advice from REAL-LIVE THERAPISTS ONSTAGE.


Be a voyeur into one person's therapy session!

LYNN BIXENSPAN is really nice! Also, she’s done a lot of stuff. She’s been on MTV, Comedy Central, and the Biography Channel. She’s also written for Fuse. She was nominated for an Emerging Comics of New York Award. The Frisky called her one of the feminists you must follow on Twitter and Huffington Post said she has the funniest tweets, so, you know, she's great at Internet AND real life! Festivals include: Laughing Devil, Cape Fear, She-Devil, and more. You might have heard her on RISK! or seen her telling stories and doing stand-up but you might not have. You should, though! She probably wants to be friends.

MORGAN PIELLI is a storyteller, graphic novelist, and voice over artist. He's performed on RISK! LIVE, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?, TALES FROM THE COSMOS, and YUM’S THE WORD, and done commercials for Samsung and Dannon. His cartoons have appeared in The New York Times Online, Sundays, Side B, and Joyce Brabner's ComixCast. He used to host the open mic storytelling shows SAFE HOUSE, THIS ONE TIME, and SIX MINUTE SAGA, as well as the storytelling podcast  WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR PODCAST.